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Default Re: Is Jeff Wadlow up to the task of making a good X-force movie?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
My worry is more that X Force will contradict the existing films somehow. There's such a lack of planning and precise continuity in this franchise that I worry that X Force will be too much of its own thing. I hope Singer gives his approval to the script to make sure it doesn't go against anything in DoFP or in future films he may be considering.

As for Jeff Wadlow, I have no idea if he can pull it off. I just hope he can. At least James Mangold did manage to make a decent X-movie; he's the only one apart from Singer who has far been able to grasp the idea of a solid X-film and it's a shame he wasn't better rewarded by the critics or box office. So maybe Jeff Wadlow will manage it too.
You think Mangold did better than Vaughn?

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