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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
It is true that she tries to avoid fighting, but modern superhero films aren't all punchfests either (witness all the complaints about there not being enough Iron Man or Batman in their respective trilogy closers) She can fight when forced to, and she does defeat the final male contestant in the games. I haven't read the books to comment on the sequels yet. She's still a strong, action-oriented lead which is essentially what is needed in a female superhero film. And it shows that people will go to a female led action film.
She doesn't avoid fighting Peetah after the interview. She just tries to avoid getting killed, which for her means not facing any opponent since they are all far superior. She does shoot the final male contestant after Peetah fights him, that's true, but only after the male contestant has an epiphany and a death wish. She doesn't win fights. And if THG is an ''action movie'' so is Harry Potter, and Twilight for that matter.

Like Wolverine.

We can only really start having this conversation after a good female superhero film flops at the box office. As of now that hasn't happened since we've never actually gotten a good female superhero film yet.
You would expect to see something like a Wolverine on a female superhero movie? What superheroine movie is that? And didn't Wolverine start his film presence by helping a random little girl for no reason? So, not like movie Wolverine so much. THG is nothing like what people expect from a superheroine movie, and not like any female superhero that MS would make.

So, How would a good superheroine film flopping show anything we don't already see? We already know great female genre films don't sell as well as male ones, and quality teams can't be built on the budgets of the successful female action movies, and that females are about as likely to see avengers or iron man as hunger games. Whether great films would bomb is immaterial, if we have concrete reasons why a great film isn't likely to be made. The discussion is past magical gender money ceilings.

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