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Default Re: "...a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent": Does this not worry anyone els

Truthfully, I love the aspect of this Batman being "older and wiser" than Clark. Perhaps that is nothing more than the biased Batfan in me talking, but nevertheless Bruce has always appeared to be slightly older than Clark anyway. It just feels right that Batman would have a few years head start on Superman when you stop and think about it. Superman should be the inspiration for all of the other "superpowered" heroes that come afterwards. However, one thing we see at the end of MOS is that Kal's abit cocky.... I think Bruce is the perfect mentor in keeping him honest. A sort of "Who guards the guardians?" type of role. Kal probably feels that he's a complete indestructible force when stacked up against mere earthlings. Both Bruce and Lex are going to give him an education that even gods can die at the hands of human beings. That said in regards to the age, we're only talking about a decade inbetween them which isn't that long to honest. Most people wouldn't consider someone ten years older in the "fatherly" range. That's more of a twenty year age difference.

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