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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
He doesn't have to intentionally kill someone. He was going on a rampage in the middle of NYC, crashing into buildings, destroying cars, etc. PEOPLE DIED, it doesn't need to be spelled out, its common sense.
All I remember was him throwing a few cops around when he was hiding in the sand truck.That hardly can be called a rampage,and very unlikely to have caused death.

He was even reluctant to fight Spider-Man,originally.("Leave now".)

A better case could be made that Batman was more reckless with the lives of cops in Batman Begins.Only they had sense enough to confirm there was no deaths.("It's a miracle no one was killed.")

We always need to hear Both Sides of the story.

How did we get this far? Human beings have an immeasurable desire....for FF to return to Marvel.

2/9/15 Spider-Man comes home! You're next FF!
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