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Default Re: Christian Bale's Batman Audition Tape

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
She was still connected to the Nolan Bat Trilogy somehow. Talk about 6 degrees of separation!
Yeah that was pretty cool. I like how we finally saw a bit of what she was talking about back in 2010:

15:50 mark:

"She explains that she knew the casting director for Batman Begins, who asked her to come in and read lines with all the actors auditioning to play Batman. When she read with Christian Bale, she began to cry. Director Christopher Nolan told her the scene didn’t require crying, but she was so moved by Bale’s connection to the material that she couldn’t help herself.

I’m sure Bale would have gotten the part regardless, but Nolan had to be extra impressed with his future Bruce Wayne’s ability to move incredible actresses to tears.

Adams was never actually up for a part in the film; Nolan wrote the part of Rachel Dawes with Katie Holmes in mind, so it’s not like she lost out, and she explains that very thoughtfully in the video. But of course she says she’d like to work with Nolan in the future, which would be excellent for me, because I love it when my favorite actors and directors collaborate."

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