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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

Originally Posted by Shazam View Post
Sounds like the typical "anti-hero"
The typical anti hero in an action movie can't fight and needs t be saved most of the time? I must have missed hundreds of action movies somehow.

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
Wolverine was also motivated primarily by those he directly cares about, generally doesn't like dealing with people, and shies away from the greater good unless he has a direct reason to get involved. But both Logan and Katniss do have hearts and much like Logan refuses to abandon Rogue and takes her under his wing, Katniss does the same with Rue.
None of this supports the idea that Katniss is what people would expect from a female superhero, nor does it change that her extreme physical vulnerability is what made her compelling, something not shared with female superheroes. Yes her attitude isn't much worse than wolverine's... so? It still doesn't support your statement unless the people's expectation is a heroine with wolverine's attitude and rogue's combat.

So your suggestion is just to abandon the idea without trying? There is zero evidence that audiences won't show for a quality female led superhero film. There have been plenty of female led films over the years that grossed a ton, despite your claims. The highest grossing movie of all-time adjusted for inflation (Gone with the Wind) had a female lead. Granted female led action films are few and far between and good ones even rarer, which is why The Hunger Games is such a useful template. And, yes, The Hunger Games is very much apart of the same action/scifi genre that most superhero films (especially Marvel ones) are. To claim that a female lead action film is a waste of time with no evidence to back it up is delusional at best and sexist at worst.

I'm not trying to turn lead into gold here. A great female led superhero film is entirely feasible.
Who made this claim? When?

So non action films, and early cinema, that's your evidence for female action films?

And if Hunger Games is the template for a superheroine movie, prepare for an onslaught of anger about how you turned a powerful superheroine into a weakling that needs to be saved by men all the time, and isn't even in the best action in her own film. Unless you don't actually want to use THG as a template, you want to do very different kind of movie and just get the same effect as THG. The word for that is not template. I believe an accurate word is presumption.

My suggestions are based on the problems at hand, so until we can at least get my claims right, there's little chance my suggestions will make any sense.

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