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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Good to see someone else lives in the real world re multiple attackers.
Batman usually gets around this by picking off thugs one at a time, from behind, he uses hit-and-run, and goes on the offensive. As you say, it's about using brutal, quick technique to create a break.

I take your point about Bats not having to be totally realistic, but then
for this film he has to incorporate Superman as well - so how far can he
go ?

Spell it out for us brother, how far are we going here ? Obviously not
the matrix, so just how flowery is flowery enough, without turning into Crouching Batman Hidden Gotham ?

Nobody's mentioned Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse, now that film had some
very entertaining fist fights (plus the first "throat ripped out with bare hands" on screen). Probably a bit too balletic for Batman, but I think there's something to be said for looking back at 80's action flicks for fight scenes, maybe some Steven Seagall type action, who knows ?

great post. Cheers.

Thanks for the kind words. It's always appreciated to be appreciated.

Just a little background: I am making no claims to being some badass Master street fighter. Life long (okay, starting for serious at 17) martial arts enthusiast that trained solo and with an instructor at 21 in JKD Concepts/Filipino Martial Arts/Integrated Grappling, and then I branched out into Dog Brothers' Real Contact StickFighting (hint, it aint just sticks ) did a little one on one with Guro Crafty Dog and fought at 2 Gatherings as well as attend a camp or two. Health issues have since sidelined all my training and it is one of my greatest pains in life.

Does any of this make me an expert? By no means. But perhaps my viewpoint can be, at least, considered interesting.

For myself, I actually really liked the presentation of Batman as "THE WORLD'S GREATEST HAND TO HAND COMBATANT" (screw you, Shiva/Cassie Cain/DeathStroke ect. ) in 3 of the segments in the GOTHAM KNIGHT anime anthology (I loved the thing from start to finish really). The three fights in that thing that might only need to be toned down a bit are the sewer fight with Crane's minions, the fight against the knife wielding villagers in what I assume is India, and the train confrontation with Deadshot. Now is everything in those grounded or realistic? No. But neither is the fighting in the video games or even B:TAS. I think doing Bat-Fu GOTHAM KNIGHT style, perhaps, just perhaps, toned down a little would be my ideal, as long as they also stress that Batman PREFERS the ninpo style of hit and run and evading over trying to take on 10-15 guys at once. Also, I would really like to see some of BatFleck taking time out to train. Let's see how the methodology of his training is reflective of the man and the martial artist.

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