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Default Re: "...a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent": Does this not worry anyone els

Originally Posted by skaldicpoet9 View Post
I don't know how I really feel about Batman being a mentor to Superman. I have grown up with these characters being friends and equals. One didn't have more knowledge than the other. Different ways of looking at a situation, sure, but I never really saw Bats as being wiser than Superman. I think it would be an odd dynamic to have Superman being instructed by Batman. There is a different dynamic that exists between mentor/protege rather than partner/partner. This is my primary concern, really. It just doesn't seem right to have Superman and Batman not on equal footing.

I really hate the idea of a Batman older and wiser by about a decade next to a Year One Superman. The news that they were going that route is the main factor that killed any excitement I had for this film (though I didn't have that much to begin with). It really bugs me and just can't get over it no matter how well I see it executed. What I always loved about the Batman/Superman dynamic is the fact that they were equals and like brothers to each other - twin brothers to be specific (no older brother/younger brother dynamic). These men walked on totally different paths and became the heroes they are at around the same time. Then they grew together as their careers progressed through the JL years. All of that is gone when you put a rookie Year One Superman next to "An older, tired, and seasoned Batman". We are not talking a 2 or 3 age gap between them here. We are talking around an entire decade.

In a way I think this idea will make both Superman and Batman look bad.
-Superman will look more like Robin next to Batman instead of more like his equal.
-Batman will look bad by the time Justice League rolls around. I assume the rest of the JL will be closer to Superman's age. I really hate the idea that Batman needsan entire decade ahead of his teammates just to be on par with their young rookie versions. If that is true, what does that tell you about this Batman when he was young and in his early career? It means he was as weak as Nolan's Batman. Maybe not as weak, but still below your average Year One version of Batman. Only difference is he has more experience this time.

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