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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Rocanrol View Post
Nice post Batmannerism. Although I could see the point of the choreographic part of WC/WT, Batman is mainly about practical fighting, and that's what WC is all about. The page you posted even says so.

This is the best example I could find online, but I think you can appreciate the sense of flow it has. Also feels natural with time, because demands of you having whole control of all your body.

We train one-on-one, against multiple targets, blindfolded and protecting someone, against different kind of weapons.

But I also believe, Batman being a master of all martial arts and weapons, should fight with a combination of these, but heavily combat realistic.

Thank you for the good vibes although!

Emin Boztepe is going to give a conference in my country in November!

I would just add to what's been stated. There is no one single superior fighting style. Not Ving Tsun/Wing Chun not BJJ, not Krav Maga, not 5 Family/Animal style, not Tai Chi, not an "internal style" and not an "external style".

As a student do not, I repeat, do not take anything your instructor/teacher/Master/Sensei/Sifu at face value. Train hard and attempt to hone what knowledge is gifted to you but always be your own judge. Test and train by yourself as well as with your group/teacher.

Finally, I would like to pass this on.

The truth is there are no "Masters" in any fighting style, because the absolute truth is no teacher can ever really pass on the totality of his or her's life experience as a student of any given style. That's just the truth. What your teacher has is akin to a giant nugget of gold (hopefully) that he actually can never give away totally. But he can chip off a small piece and give you that. By constant honing, effort and thought you polish that piece, and as you polish it, it begins to grow. Now the knowledge that piece represents is actually yours and yours alone. It is not a mirror of your teacher's wisdom, but your own. If you continue to polish it you will end up with a large nugget of your own, that perhaps you can break a piece off an hand off to someone else.


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