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Default Re: Theory: A3 will not be an Avengers movie but a crossover with GotG and Inhumans

If you read the post, i said they wouldn't call it A3.

And it's really not crossing over for the sake of it, you need that many characters/power players to defeat Thanos. And since Thanos is going to be a tying force between all those movies, it makes sense that you would want all of them to get closure with their dealings with him.

Actually, forget that, you might as well call Avengers crossing over for the sake of it too then. It's not like they NEEDED to and I'm sure a lot of people thought that Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America crossing over sounded lame as well...before, you know, they did it.

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What a wild theory you have there, Mr. Dent!
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