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Default Re: Bruce's Love Interest?

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
How does he know that Amy isn't "putting out?" Who knows just how "close" Clark and Lois will have become in this film?
Why is there so much hatred to the idea of Bruce Wayne having some sort of love interest?

A lot of people seem to think this is mainly a Superman film....
It's a continuation of MOS, yes. But do people honestly think Batman's going to be relegated to some side character, who just shows up every now and then?

There's going to some amount of time dedicated to him and his exploits.

If the character manages to get laid in one scene, then what's so bad? If he has to rescue his damsel in distress from a bad guy, like Superman does with Lois, then what's so bad?

That excuse about the film being too bloated with Batman's stuff. ..bull. I'm sure they'd find a way to please people with some degree of skill.

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