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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
  • Start where MOS left off.
  • Don't leave the causulties/collateral damage go unaddressed. Mention that Superman spent day and night afterward searching for survivors to take to the hospital.
  • Develop Lois/Perry/Daily Planet
  • This INCLUDES the real Jimmy Olsen. Introduce him as an intern or something :P
  • Develop Clark Kent
  • Show the world's reaction to Superman. MOS kind of started that way, but it was then traded for more scifi battles and Kryptonian dialog.
  • Which implies a real-world atmosphere. Keep it realistic-until a supervillain shows up.
  • Then have that superpowered enemy be stylized and bring the genre to life
  • This means bringing in a supervillain that can drop in and out of the plot at any time.
  • As to not have the villain take over the story and overpower the character development
    • Let Lex be a "hidden villain/secret mastermind" Do everything in your power to throw the audience off (full name, nice demeaner). Hair couldn't hurt
      • Let Batman's role be minor, but important, enhancing the themes of MOS2
      • Batman will get his sequel. Let Clark have his movie.
      • I like the idea of Superman being framed by Lex, and Batman going after Batman to contain this threat.
      • In regards to the fight, Batman should TOTALLY wear a robo suit.
      • But this should not be his normal costume.
      • The fight should take place at night. Stalemate is optimal, but if someone DOES win, it should be Superman.
      • Most people want Batman to team up with Superman to take down the villains.
      • I personally think Batman should leave Metropolis, knowing he failed his mission, but gained an ally.
      • Note I didn't say FRIEND. I want a sequel to explore them becoming friends.
      • Have Superman physically take on the henchman/prominent villain (I want Metallo) and confront Lex, but only using his words this time.
      • I want Lex to escape the legal system. It makes him seem smarter, and adds a dark edge. And he can team up with a greater villain (Brainiac)for the sequel. And I want the immediate sequel to be a TRUE Superman/Batman movie.
      • Lois should totally reprise her more investigative role.
      • More Ma Kent scenes couldn't hurt.
      • I think there should be about one or two flashbacks of Pa Kent, with Kent teaching EXTREMELY moral lessons to Clark.
      • This can allow audiences to appreciate him more
      • Kind of like Uncle Ben in Spider-Man 2. Have him take up no more then three minutes of screen-time, but that's really what it would take to reform his image (I hope)
      • Okay, I totally want MOS2 to be a more dramatic Sm2
Some of these ideas I think are good. I definitely agree on Lex framing Supes, Batman does deserve a larger role though. You kind of do need to take into account a lot of the general audience will want to see the fruition of the "Batfleck nonsense" that happened this year. What I think could work is a sort of role reversal from that of Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" with a few extra tweaks to suit the context of the movie.

In my mind, it would play out something like this, in TDKReturns, you have Superman who's on the omniscient higher authority antagonist's(US Government's) speed-dial and beck and call while old Batman is the upstart making a name for himself in Gotham and we know how that story goes. In my mind, for the movie it would still have something like that happening, but differently. Superman's the upstart making a name for himself in Metropolis doing the whole "Truth, Justice & The American Way" thing and just being Superman, stopping crime, left right and center and helping workers rebuild Metropolis, and just generally helping people, heck throw in a scene of saving a cat from a tree or helping an old woman cross the street haha. Of course people are somehow warming up to him(for argument's sake let's say the damage to Metropolis wasn't as bad as we thought it was and more people are actually left displaced rather than killed) and the Daily Planet writing glowing reports about Superman. Of course not everyone's happy about the alien, here we introduce Lex Luthor, who takes the place of the US Government as the omniscient higher authority from TDKReturns.

Luthor doesn't like what he sees and feels Superman upstages him at every corner(perhaps show him flipping through the latest issue of the Daily Planet where Superman is pages 1-5 while Luthor's page 10 lol). Luthor flips out and decides to concot his plan to take own the Man of Steel by first framing him for a crime he didn't commit, preferably murder(ala Public Enemies) and of course Superman goes on the run trying to prove his innocence as seen in the comic/animated movie, Lois could help here if she wants. Since no known police can actually take someone like Superman in, Lex uses his connections to a friend in Gotham City(Jim Gordon) who in turn calls in the people's superhero Batman, who supposedly handles an assortment of freaks like this on a daily basis.

The movie becomes pretty much a cat and mouse game between Superman & Batman culminating in a fight in Gotham's Crime Alley ala TDKReturns. After that, Superman and Batman go and team up and defeat Lex Luthor, and then give the film a good closing point for Superman and Batman for them to create the JL. Of course Superman wins, and Batman sees he's one of the good guys and leaves gaining an ally as you said.

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