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Default Re: Theory: A3 will not be an Avengers movie but a crossover with GotG and Inhumans

There's an inherent problem in doing crossovers in a movie as opposed to the comics. The medium simply isn't geared for that.

As an example, compare Crisis On Infinite Earths with The New 52. Crisis is a one-shot, one-book epic that spans the entirety of the DC multiverse. Yeah, it's epic and all, but *all* of the characters are dwarfed by the scope of the story. In the end, the most important focal characters are the Anti-Monitor, Harbinger and Alexander Luthor, characters that nobody gives a **** about. They're just ubers for uber's sake, created as plot devices to justify a company-wide retcon.

On the other hand, The New 52 spans *all* the DC titles, and allows the reader to pick and choose which characters he wants to focus on and see how the retcon affects his favorite heroes and villains.

Trying to do a GOTG/Inhumans/Avengers crossover movie would wind up being like Crisis ---- a giant epic for epic's sake, where *none* of the characters get enough face time for audiences to care about or get involved with them, where the most important characters wind up being the focal villain(s), and where story and character are utterly lost under the spectacle. This is the kind of approach that has led to the spectacular failures of recent months, including John Carter, Green Lantern, and Lone Ranger.


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