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Default Re: "...a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent": Does this not worry anyone els

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post

I can only see a number of outcomes.

It's a Superman/Batman movie, rather then a true sequel.
Thus, it's more of a stand-alone and doesn't develop its characters as much.
Or, it's a true sequel, which happens to feature Batman (optimal, IMHO)

There are several routes that I think will lead into a good movie.
  • Goyer and Snyder learn from their mistakes
  • Affleck "fixes" Goyer's script
  • Snyder encourages more scenes straight out of the comics.
  • They both ease up on the seriousness.
This can lead to a movie that is fun to watch and less demanding of criticism. The more a movie is viewed as a big-scale drama, the more it will be held to that standard.
  • Jonah signs on and 'fixes' Snyder/Goyer's script.
  • Goyer looks at Zack's stuff more critically, and this motivates him to work harder on his own part of the script.
And they get a better editor

Or Zack decides to do the Last Photograph and leave Affleck with MOS2
Catch up on your comics, love. There's plenty of scenes from MOS that were taken directly from comic books.

-- The battle of Smallville (although that was done by a kryptonite-enhanced Doomsday) where the town was leveled.

-- Pretty much the entire plot of Zod searching for Clark, his "You are not alone" speech, his attack on Metroplis, and the ensuing battle are near-direct replicas from "Earth One" Superman.

-- The idea of Clark being bullied, and a loner, is from "Earth One" Superman.

-- Jor-El's speech to Clark about what he can accomplish for humans is taken from "All-Star" Superman.

-- "Can't I just keep pretending to be your son?" "You are my son!" is taken from another comic book that I can't recall off the top of my head.

And those are just the ones I can recall at this very moment. I'm certain there are more.


Anyway, as for the quote, I'm a little concerned.

I know that the most common error with writing Batman is a tendency to over-compensate his character since he doesn't have "special" powers. We end up with a Bat-god scenario, where he's always right, always does everything right, and he always wins.

Two of my favorite comics are the Superman/Batman Annuals 1 and 2, where the guys are...not super friendly with each other. At one point (Annual #2) , they're 'discussing' things, and Bruce tells off Clark that he's wasting his time playing a reporter and doing charity work, when he should be fighting crime full time, and Clark points out that Bruce could use his wealth and privilege to do more than to dress up like a rodent.

They're both right; they're both wrong. By the end of the book, Clark has learned that he could be a hero even without his powers, and Bruce has learned that he misjudged Clark as a person.

I don't need an exact replica of that situation, but I would love for the film to follow that route. That way neither one of them looks like a complete moron.

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