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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
Raimi didn't actually add that much to Ock. He's basically the same character as the comics with minor modifications and a bit of an expansion. The big change was ending his story by redeeming him, which doesn't happen in the comics because he's an iconic villain and needs to be around to sell future comics years down the road. Between the tentacles taking over his mind and the ending he's the same character he's always been.

Sandman is a bit different because he essentially doesn't have real character beyond his powers in the comics. Raimi had to do something otherwise there was nothing there to make a film out of. I'm sure Webb will do something similar with Rhino and Electro.
Incorrect. The tentacles were never in control of the person. The accident itself and the realization of his transformation drove him insane. But Otto Octavius even before the accident was not the scientist portrayed in Spider-Man 2. They changed his personality pre- and post-accident in the film. In the comics, he always was, and is, a cruel person.

That isn't to say the movie didn't make a great Dr. Octopus, but one thing it can't get points for is it's accuracy. Which really shouldn't be surprising, how many comic villains do we have that are as accurate as we like to think?

Incorrect on Sandman as well. Marko was initially a crook but Raimi actually followed his long term story line fairly well, as after years of beat downs and failures, Sandman made an honest effort to reform, and was almost a card-carrying Avenger. The creation of his daughter and that story line was, I'd assume, a way to show that desire to leave a life of crime, without having to display years of getting his sandy behind handed to him by Spidey.

The "This isn't the Mandarin from the previews!" complaint is getting really old, and totally has no weight. In my opinion.

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