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Default Re: Marvel Readying 'Agent Carter' Series!

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
A ****ing bunch. You don't quantify "time" like that. There is no "time" on when they have to make new properties, and you don't use timeslots as some kind of measure of it; they make them. They have the entire Disney television empire working for them, if they want a show made and a timeslot allocated to it they will get it. And their movie schedule has nothing to do with TV so I don't even see what you're getting at there.

That's what you think. I would like that more as well. But in reality it all depends on how the showrunners handle it and if they can come up with interesting stories. A period peice set around a female spy in the mid-late 20th century set in the Marvel universe can definitely work and is a compelling concept, as the Agent Carter One-Shot proved first hand. And given all the Golden and Silver Age Timely and Marvel Comics stuff they can introduce through that type of show, it has high value for us comic book fans who are familiar with that time.

A Daredevil show I doubt would expand on the Marvel Universe as much as an Agent Carter show would. It would be a good way to introduce his world, and bring in some street level antihero characters like Moon Knight and Punisher, and that side of the Marvel U, but Agent Carter would do much more to expand on the history of the MCU as its connected to the beginnings of SHIELD.
I would agree with all of that if we weren't already getting Agents of SHIELD. Agents of SHIELD can essentially expand the MCU in the exact same way. The problem with doing Agent Carter is that the premise sounds just like the premise of Agents of SHIELD, only that it will take place in the past.

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