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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Movie Ock is still a scientist who has mechanical arms melded onto his body because of a lab accident, goes insane, and then becomes a criminal to fund his crazy experiments. That's all in the film. That he suffers brain damage or that the arms have an AI that affects his mind is a very minor difference, as is the addition of his wife. For the record, I don't think the nature of his insanity matters one iota, and making his pre-accident character a likable, but still flawed person was an improvement.

For Sandman, I have to admit I'm more familiar with the classic version of the character where he's basically just a generic thug. Either way, we seem basically on the same page that the change was necessary. Quite frankly, I actually like the Movie Sandman character for the first two acts even with the whole shooting Uncle Ben twist. But like pretty much the rest of the movie, things fall apart in a mess of sloppy writing in the final act once Venom enters the picture. Had Sandman really died at the end of the subway fight, I think he would be regarded better than what he is. Sandman's motivations in the final act don't really make sense thanks to the removal of The Vulture in favor of Venom.

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