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Default Re: "...a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent": Does this not worry anyone els

Originally Posted by Dusty_Lane View Post
I'm definitely a BTAS kid! That said I'm 30, so it's rather obvious right. lol! When BTAS premiered we were looking at an approximately 35 year old Batman who'd been on the job for about 10 years already. In some episodes he looks "tired and weary" in point the episode I Am The Night.

In the Robin's Reckoning it's revealed that Dick Grayson has been under Bruce's care for 9 years. There's a 10 year gap between the flashback in Mask of the Phantasm and present time.

I've been hoping that the Ben Affleck Batman of Snyder's new DC cinematic universe takes inspiration from BTAS and the Arkham games. Also let's not forget that the New 52 has also made reference to Batman getting a five year head start on the rest of the Justice League members operating in the shadows as an urban legend.
Exactly what I've been saying.

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