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Default Re: Bruce's Love Interest?

I'd be for Talia as well. She was under used in TDKR , and I think that of all the Batman characters , Talia would be the one's Lex would more likely work with than someone off the wall and unpredictable like the Joker. It would also open the door for Ras Al Ghul to be working behind the scenes for the future DCU on fim. Mercy Graves could also work well to if she's more than just a bodyguard and limo driver. I also like the Julie Madison suggestion.

I personally don't wanna see a Bruce, Clark, Lois triangle. It would work in a universe where Lois doesn't know Superman's identity, but given how MOS ended I don't think it would make much sense and it would seem contrived for her to now be torn imo. A Bruce , Talia and Lex/Love interest triangle though , I'd be down for.

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