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Default Re: Marvel Readying 'Agent Carter' Series!

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
How can AOS expand on things that took place 50-70 years prior to it? Or do it better than a show set in that time? My entire point is that Agent Carter is period. AOS can't do that. Yes the premises sound similar on the surface in that they're "spies"/agents handling supernatural cases BUT the difference is that Agent Carter is a period piece, which in itself makes it completely different, it will have a more singular focus on the female lead, it won't be just about the people on the edges of SHIELD like AOS, it will be about the people at the heart of it, and its foundation, so it will be a difference between the agents and the leaders. AOS is also about how the world deals with learning that superpowered people exist, it's not about keeping that secret. Agent Carter would be the opposite of that.

It would really just be a completely different thing once you get past the "agents dealing with supernatural stuff" thing, which is why Marvel is developing it. They're not stupid, they're thinking of the exact same things we are, and they know they have to differentiate between AOS to justify making the show, and I guarantee they're thinking of the above things as those differentiators.

Also, people saying this will not work or that Marvel should make shows centered around superhero characters are thinking as comic fans and not as businessmen. I think an Agent Carter series is a great idea for Marvel TV for a few reasons.

1. The network: Marvel is pretty much limited to ABC in terms of avenues to launch shows. That means they are going to have to cater to the demographic that watches that station the most i.e: Women and families. A strong kick-ass female character who already has cinematic exposure will play very very well with the ABC. I keep hearing why not Punisher, Daredevil, Heroes for Hire etc. As much as i would love to see those, dark violent characters like that wont fly with the ABC demographic as well as Agent Carter would. And besides do you think network television can do justice to those characters anyway? you'd be getting a pretty watered down version.

2. Pure Superhero shows dont do that well: Smallville had declining ratings ever since its second season. by the time it was over it was barely hitting over 4 million viewers. And this is for the most popular superhero. Arrow for all its popularity among CBM fans could barely average 3.5 million viewers. The season finale didnt even hit 3 million. The Blade TV series was basically dead on arrival. Heroes is the only show that i can think of that bucked the trend somewhat.

However, you know the kind of shows that bring in viewers? Thats right, the procedurals that everyone seems to be *****ing about. NCIS, Castle, Elementary, Person of interest, Criminal Minds, CSI, Bones etc. These shows blow superhero shows out of the water in viewership and ratings, constantly garnering 10 mill + viewers. For whatever reason, general tv audiences gravitate to these types of shows. Agents and SHIELD and Agent carter will most likely have those charismatic leads + crime solving elements nailed.

I know fans want to see more superhero focused TV shows and this may not be what you want but this makes perfect business sense on Marvels end. Can't blame them for going after it.

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