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Default Re: Marvel Readying 'Agent Carter' Series!

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
I don't think it would be a matter of not wanting to ruffle Disney's feathers. Disney owns Marvel outright and will determine what happens with the subsidiary's properties. Marvel's TV division reports back to Disney and in fact Disney's president ordered them to develop the SHIELD show. He probably had a hand in deciding on Agent Carter, too, since he chose AOS based on another One Shot. If a Marvel show is ever sold to another network it will be at Disney's direction, not because the people at Marvel TV decided it. Actually, please point me to where you even got any of this from.

Disney's president doesn't order Marvel to do anything. Marvel does its own things. Marvel and Joss came up with an idea for a show, and ABC took it. Could Disney maybe have requested a show? Yes. But does that mean they "ordered" them to make a SHIELD show? No. In fact, I see it far more likely there was just mutual interest in bringing one of their properties to TV.

If Marvel wants to shop shows out to other stations they will, and Disney will not be in a bunch because chances are the type of show they wanted to do didn't fit with their strictly "family friendly" programming channels.

Also, while Disney does own Marvel outright in a sense, they have very little actual influence over them. Disney is very hands off with them. Marvel still has its own CEO and greenlights its own stuff. Disney just supports them and as long as they're making money they don't care. Marvel for all intents and purposes is a separate entity from Disney.

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