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Default Re: State Your Opinion on a Character - Part 2

Originally Posted by Ash J. Williams View Post
You guys have no idea. Grimjack is not a pirate hero -- he's more of an anti-hero. I guess I'd describe him as a cross between Snake Plissken and Rick Deckard. Ostrander and Truman made quite the team -- mixing post-apocalyptic sci-fi with hard-boiled film noir. Great action and pacing, I've always enjoyed Ostrander and Truman's tales as a result of getting into indie comics when I started with the '80s run of Ninja Turtle comics. You can't really judge Grimjack till you read it, so give it a shot.
But judging things you have only the basest comprehension of is every comic nerds God given right!
Nah, I might look into it.

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