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Default Re: Bruce's Love Interest?

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
Alright....Bruce tries to flirt. Lois shrugs off the ol charm
Originally Posted by rks943 View Post
Yeah that
Originally Posted by Andreth View Post
I want Bruce to flirt with Lois!

Come on herolee, that'd be fun and you know it, it's not like she's gonna jump him, we know she prefers farmboys anyway
Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
I'd like her to at least give a little smile/laugh before reminding him to keep things strictly business
Haha; as long as it's more harmless than the one between Jean and Logan from X-Men, then sure why

Though if the basis for this thread ends up being true, regarding bruce having a love interest of his own, then we can always just cut back to him responding to Lois's flat out rejection by saying...

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