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Default Re: The Future of Star Trek

If I had to choose, and if I could get my wish, it'd be to have this cast taken into a tv series. Now, I doubt that will happen...even though these days tv series' seem to be more respected and watched than ever before. The stigma of a movie actor doing tv seems to be non-existent anymore. And Quinto still does tv, and Urban has an upcoming tv show. So maybe it's not as much of a long shot as I think it is.

I think Star Trek is best when it's serialized. And I really like this cast. They got the right people to play these roles these roles.

But, if I had to wager on it, I'd say after another film they could do another series in the original timeline and probably another film with the Abrams-verse. If the series won't have the Abrams-verse cast, then there'd be no need to tie it into the alternate timeline, I think. And I really do believe that the a new tv series, unrelated to the current films, can co-exist.

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