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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Krumm View Post
Seeing as Zod was the last of Clark's kind, his defeat truly cements who Clark is and who he wants to be. Also, seeing how Clark used his power to defeat Zod, Clark learned something about responsibility that comes with such power.
The thing is, you get all of that if you have Superman and Zod fight briefly while the Phantom Zone is being activated that ends with Superman forcing Zod into the event horizon with the rest of the Kryptonians and trapping him in the Phantom Zone. Maneuvering Zod away form the event horizon so he can be around afterword for one more huge mano-a-mano fight scene doesn't serve or resolve the central conflicts of the film any better than not doing it. It's extraneous.

Also, what with the sheer amount of collateral damage during that fight that Superman doesn't even address let alone tries to do anything about, I'd say the responsibility angle is a stretch.

Originally Posted by Krumm View Post
As for disposing of Zod into the PZ with the other Kryptonians, I would have felt completely robbed of not seeing Superman and Zod going head to head. I would have found it to be anti-climatic despite the PZ resolution being the climax for you.
By that point we've already seen Superman and Zod go head to head several times. They go head to head during that sequence, when Superman crashes Zod's ship while the military is activating the Phantom Zone. Why do you think it would cheat the audience to have that confrontation during that sequence end with Zod being sent to the Phantom Zone? Why do you think having a longer one on one fight between just the two of them afterwards makes the movie stronger?

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
Yeah probably. Probably that's why 300 was a such phenomenon a global box office blockbuster smash and Sucker Punch tanked. Also maybe helped by the fact that 300 is actually a great film and Sucker Punch is merely a film with potential.
I wouldn't call 300 great. It's entertaining, and very visually stimulating, but I think it's also pretty dumb (and a little racist). Why do you think it is, I'm curious?

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
I think 300, Watchmen and Sucket Punch were extremely lurid unhinged films, and I like that. We don't see much of that today, films are safe, whereas these films swung for the fences, they were perverse, absurd, with wild invention and imagination.

I think not many people are bring such unadulterated vision to the screen these days. Maybe Lars von Trier is one and he obviously is working in a completely different register.

But I think such film-makers are doing something what not many film-makers are doing or can do.
I'll agree that Snyder is pretty uninhibited, but I don't think I'd call what he has "vision." Please excuse the use of this cliche, but I think he's a lot of style and no substance. He's very "go big or go home," but the stuff he goes big with seems to me to boil down to stuff he thinks looks cool. I don't see a lot of deep thought behind it.

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