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Default Re: Worst Marvel Studio's movie so far?

Originally Posted by Saitou Hajime View Post
Uh, Rhodey cleared the room before the fight began; it was STARK who was endangering those people beforehand with his drunken antics.

As was pointed out in the diner scene, Rhodey couldn't have taken the suit without Stark's consent because of the various security protocols built into it for the express purpose of preventing such a scenario. No, Stark ALLOWED Rhodes to take the suit to the military, no doubt as an acknowledgment of how much of a screw up he currently is.

Hammer's contributions to the suit were completely benign. It was Vanko that did the real damage.
Sorry, not buying that Stark let him take the suit. There was never ANY bit of dialogue or indication in the film that he did that, so it doesn't count. Fury even said "the brother kicked your ass and took your suit." It's a plot hole, plan and simple. Rhodey was the one who showed up in another suit of armor and challenge Stark, HE escalated the situation, he's was NOT the voice of reason in that scenario. Yeah, totally trust the guy who has shown himself to be an incompetent douche and hates Tony, but doesn't have his talent, that won't backfire at all.

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