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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Superman was able to get Zod into orbit. Could have made a little more of an effort to force Zod to an uninhabited area is all I'm saying.
If you compare it to the excellent Smallville fight, the Metropolis one was strangely flat as the tension, Zod making good on his word to 'make them suffer, take them all from you one by one' and Superman preventing it -- the whole point of the tussle -- is absent from the fight sequence till the final moments.

Nary a scratch on both combatants, nor were the stakes once raised (the tanker scene could have been used to show that Zod meant business, that he'd make any human he could lay his hands on suffer). For the momentous act of killing Zod, the buildup was sorely lacking. It'd have made for more dramatic sense (to me, anyhow) if soon after 'Krypton had its chance' the fight cut straight to the train scene with Zod mad with grief, attempting to fry anyone he sees with his heat vision.

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