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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

I alluded to this in another thread but sadly I don't think ANY studio will look at the success of THG and think it acts as proof that a female superheroine movie can work gangbusters, box office wise or even close, with the same type of care. With THG all they see is that YA novels are a good source of huge or potentianlly huge money making franchises.

The problem with the female led takes on comic books is that you get the sense that nobody inherently takes the female characters seriously enough to make any serious attempts to give them the type of depth that has typified everything from SUPERMAN THE MOVIE TO BATMAN '89 to X MEN to SPIDER MAN to Nolan's Bat trilogy and that is as much the fault of the production team as it is the studio. If the comic book writers don't invest or garland them with good to great stories how are they an attractive proposition for any screenwriter or director?

Also a poster mentioned GONE WITH THE WIND before....I think the overall issue is that we're in a conservative risk averse climate where I imagine most of the majors greedily view any female led film, no matter how successful, as having a certain limited window of success. Once upon a time when a female led movie was the most successful film of certain years domestically (the aforementioned GWTW, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, CLEOPATRA, FUNNY GIRL etc) it was different but since the 70s that hasn't happened regularly, TITANIC is probably the one exception but the top billed male lead (Dicaprio) getting partial credit over the female lead (Winslet) has always skewered that in my view, and as a result unless the source material sold many novels any other potential source material for female led movies (comic books) is going to get continually overlooked.

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