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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
Its not widely present in the mainstream where the hero is a toured good guy still lovable. It was subversive because of the culture today where modernism demands different angles to everything. 300's very monolithic nature was audacious because of its very primitiveness. The imagery of the movie could also be said to be vaguely fascist, specially in regards to the Spartans excessive pride in their physical superiority. For a civilized audience it might be confronting that they are technically supposed to root for these guys.
I mean, by those standards I guess you could call it subversive, but it's not subversive in any meaningful or positive way. It's not subversion targeted at mainstream society, it's subversion targeted at trends in filmmaking. Trends that are themselves subversion targeted at mainstream society. I mean technically you can call that subversion, but subverting storytelling trends that challenge ****** cultural standards by reinforcing and glorifying those ****** cultural standards isn't any kind of subversion to be proud of.

And even, by that standard, I really don't think it's all that subversive. Movies that glorify violence and aggression, movies that promote veiled fascist ideals, movies that are hyper masculine and hold up strict gender roles and a positive standard, movies that only really hold to one point of view and aren't particularly nuanced in their depiction of things, they're really not non-existant in the mainstream at all at all. 300 has all of those things in common with the Transformers movies, Gangster Squad, White House Down, that ****ing propaganda monstrosity Act of Valor, most war movies in general, and really a huge chunk of the action movies we see.

300 is very stylized and very over the top, but in terms of it's masculine and violent (as well as fairly racist) themes it seems very much in lock step with the culture of the mainstream. And even if you can call it subversive, it's subversive in a very negative way.

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
She gets to give her own comeuppance and contribution where she murders that traitor in the senate. And above all it added context to show what the war was being fought for in the first place and what was going on at home.
I really don't think it was effective at conveying that at all. It was easily the weakest part of the film.

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