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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Tempest View Post
No, sweetheart. That wasn't the only thing posed to Superman in Day of Doom, but thanks for playing. ;-) I have a link to all four books, if you need a refresher on it.

One of the reasons Day of Doom was written was because in the previous comics, not enough had been done to suggest that Superman even paused to think about all the death that had occurred.

This is why Day of Doom is relevant, both in the questions is poses and tries to answer, and how comics in general deal with death and destruction.

MOS unfolded mostly from Clark's POV. So we the audience feel over-whelmed and breathless from the battles. Imagine then what Clark would be feeling in that moment.

So I didn't expect or need MOS to do angst p0rn for us over the devastation of the battles. That isn't the story we were being told. We were being told the epic beginnings of our greatest modern fairy tale.
Thanks for the refresher, been a while since I read it.

While I agree that there needn't be 'angst porn' as you put it, wouldn't it be consistent of this Clark, in one of his angstiest renditions, to evince more angst over the killing of Zod and the deaths of so many, including his own people, indirectly brought about by him? To reflect on it beyond the primal scream?

MoS is a gritty version of the Superman-verse. Pa Kent is shown to have real fears when he replies 'maybe' to that question, when he dies in the manner he did because he felt the world isn't ready as much as Clark wasn't. Clark is alienated and feels alone for three quarters of the movie. If he'd lived most of his life angstily, wouldn't he be haunted by one of the, if not the most momentous decision of his life?

(Ah, I've used up my 'angst' word quota for the entire month!)

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