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Default Re: Fanmade Batman Cowls, Costumes, Cosplay & More

Originally Posted by Midnight Black View Post
Okay, so I have scoured the internet in hopes of finding the perfect (or close as possible) fanmade Batman cowl made of fabric or covered in a fabric and not just rubber as most are. The reason being is because:

1. I always thought it would look cool and

2. Since all cowls have been rubber on film I want to see one that can be done right and be made or covered in a black material similar to kevlar or another durable/thick fabric and not look shiny and cheap like spandex.

I have seen some pretty nice cosplay Bat suits, but there is always one thing that bothers me. I really hate it when the cowl sits on top of the cape like on Arkham Asylum/City. That looks so ugly. If I had the know how I would definitely make one myself and maybe when I get enough money I will commission to have one made. However, until then I wonder if anyone has seen or knows of any cool fanmade or cosplay costumes?

Also, please feel free to post any links or pics of cool Batman apparel. I've also been trying to find a Batman logo sweater/sweartshirt such as this here:
In the comics, I always assumed that his suit was made of fabric, but his cowl, trunks, boots, cape, and gloves seemed to be made of a different material. Im all for a fabric suit but not a fabric cowl I think that'd look not so good, especially on a cosplay suit

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