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Default Re: Marvel Readying 'Agent Carter' Series!

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
How can AOS expand on things that took place 50-70 years prior to it? Or do it better than a show set in that time? My entire point is that Agent Carter is period. AOS can't do that. Yes the premises sound similar on the surface in that they're "spies"/agents handling supernatural cases BUT the difference is that Agent Carter is a period piece, which in itself makes it completely different, it will have a more singular focus on the female lead, it won't be just about the people on the edges of SHIELD like AOS, it will be about the people at the heart of it, and its foundation, so it will be a difference between the agents and the leaders. AOS is also about how the world deals with learning that superpowered people exist, it's not about keeping that secret. Agent Carter would be the opposite of that.

It would really just be a completely different thing once you get past the "agents dealing with supernatural stuff" thing, which is why Marvel is developing it. They're not stupid, they're thinking of the exact same things we are, and they know they have to differentiate between AOS to justify making the show, and I guarantee they're thinking of the above things as those differentiators.
Every sci fi show in history has expanded events that took place 50-70 years in the past. Some have had entire arcs and seasons or even the entire show built around the past. Period is not "completely different," neither is showing the leadership out on missions much different from showing the non-leaders out on missions. The actions taken and motivations involved are pretty much the same.

Now... there are ways to differentiate this show, and they may indeed be ways that they are contemplating, but based on the Agent Carter short, the only difference is set dressing and whether people have cell phones.

If they focus on something other than SHIELD's missions, I think they will have a strong unique flavor. But they may not be going for that... the goal might be precisely to have two sides of the same coin, and live of the synergy between them. That might be cool as well.

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