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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

^That's probably true. I'd still like to see Spider-Woman though as well, and I think Inhumans would work most awesome with Crystal as the lead character. And there's something Scarlet Witch somewhere to be had.

I don't think Hollywood has a hard time writing strong female leads. There's no doubt that Katniss, Elektra and Rose form Titanic are all strong lead characters, just in different ways. The challenge is that the audience expects/enjoys a lot of vulnerability in its female characters, and it's hard to write much into a character who can kick immense amounts of arse like a superhero.

It's easier for novelists because they are able to show the internal life of the character and how vulnerable they are more easily, but for a filmmaker, showing that is a challenge because it has to be visual and visceral, but for a superhero it can't stop them from being a physical powerhouse. So what's left? The Bride started out a comatose rape victim, after being shot in the head on her wedding day (our introduction to her). Most people aren't willing to take it that far (and that's for the best, I think). So how do you show that this character is not a master of her world in a cool compelling way while she ransacks the enemy like a superhero? That's the challenge... and there's not really much of a formula for that like there is for other hero types... so it takes a great filmmaker to come up with a unique solution for their particular character.

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