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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Good god, you're all over the place here. I'm not even exactly sure what you're trying to argue amidst all that, but I'll address a couple of items that you seem to dwell on:

1) Nobody said Katniss was a "superhero," as far as I can tell from the thread. *I* certainly didn't. But she *is* a heroine, a strong one, and has all the hallmarks of a classic hero, male *or* female. Does she need "saving" from time to time? Sure. So do the guys, even the best of 'em --- Arnold, Stallone, Clint, Statham, Bond, you name it. Hell, check out the IM3 ***** threads, there's whole subfora whining about the fact that Pepper always pulls Tony Stark's ass out of the fire and kills his villains for him. It's just Action Movie 101 --- at some point, the hero's life has to be in danger, and an unexpected ally (even Fate/Chance/Pure Dumb Luck) has to intervene to save him. That doesn't make Katniss --- or any other heroine --- *any* different or any less a hero than any male you care to name.
Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
Katniss Everdeen is the same kind of heroic action figure that you would expect to see in a female led film based off of a comic book.
Again, I said what I was trying to argue, and you quoted it, if you are unsure, it is because you did not read. If you need something less comprehensive, here you go:

Katniss was not saved "from time to time," she was saved repeatedly and exclusively. All action heroes initiate and win fights on their own. Katniss never does and never can. Period. She is not an action hero. She grows to become a symbol for the people, not a warrior. It doesn't make her less of a hero, as I said it makes her not at all like a superhero.

Again: why should this "rule" apply only to women and not men? You think that heroes --- even of the Man of Steel variety --- don't have vulnerabilities, too? Both physical, and emotional/mental? You think an invincible male hero who always gets his man and never loses a battle and whose life is never in any real danger would ever work? Of course not. Nobody wants to see an uber, period....male *or* female. But there's absolutely no reason that a heroine should be subject to girly-girl weakness just because she has a different set of genitalia than ol' Clark Kent over there.
There's no rule, just history and observation. Every popular hero has vulnerabilities, that goes without saying. That says nothing about how much vulnerability the audience expects/enjoys in different contexts. Popular female heroes have extreme vulnerabilities. Case in point: A female hero who spends most of her time running and hiding because she can't win a fight is perceived as a strong action heroine and model superhero. There are no similar male heroes because no one wants to see that. Perhaps you think that's not how it should be, but that's kinda just your personal thing, then, isn't it?

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