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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

Originally Posted by Dr. Cosmic
Again, I said what I was trying to argue, and you quoted it, if you are unsure, it is because you did not read. If you need something less comprehensive, here you go:

Katniss was not saved "from time to time," she was saved repeatedly and exclusively. All action heroes initiate and win fights on their own. Katniss never does and never can. Period. She is not an action hero. She grows to become a symbol for the people, not a warrior. It doesn't make her less of a hero, as I said it makes her not at all like a superhero.
And you are clearly wrong about that. She was not saved repeatedly and exclusively. She killed at least three people in the film. She tries to avoid fights when possible, but many superheros do. She fights and wins when necessary.

The only thing holding Katniss back from being a superhero is she lacks powers and doesn't have a costume. Character-wise, it fits. James Bond and John McClane aren't superheros either, but there isn't a lot separating them from the likes of Batman and Wolverine.

Originally Posted by Dr Cosmic
3) The Hunger Games is not classified as an action movie anywhere reputable.
Others have talked about the other points, so I see no need in going over them again, but this is just flat out wrong. IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon, Best Buy, Wikipedia, Metacritic, The Broadcast Film Critics Association, and more all classify it as action/adventure.

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