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Default Re: The Spider-Man 2099 thread

I haven't played the Edge of Time/Shattered Dimensions games to know whether a similar plot to the games in that would work if you want Miguel and Peter in the same film.

I'd like to preferably see Spider-Man 2099 teased as an after-credits scene at the end of Webb's final TASM film. They could do something like this:

The camera pans slowly from a dark, moon-lit sky (with flying cars seen very briefly and subtly in the background as to not give it all away at first) and then down into Miguel in a dark apartment, sitting on a chair and watching TV though we can't see what he's watching but hear of news reports (which happen to be the very first news reports of Spider-Man as he starts his superhero career though we don't hear Spider-Man's name in the news reports so nothing is given away just yet). We see Miguel holding a drink with one hand and then a talon slowly (and quite graphically to disgust viewers) emerge from a finger on his other hand as he circles the rim of his glass. Lyla interrupts Miguel (we then get a dose of Miguel's sarcasm in some short dialogue) and tells him that so and so is going on. Miguel suits up and we see a brief glimpse of him in the 2099 suit.

So, it can end with him either on top of a building, looking towards Alchemax or something, or it can just end at the talon bit so that they aren't giving away everything straight away.

I think if there is a Peter/Miguel cross-over then I'd rather it be in a sequel to 2099 rather than straight away because 2099 is good enough to be its own film and different too, rather than seeing the Peter Parker Spider-Man that everyone is so used to.

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