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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
And you are clearly wrong about that. She was not saved repeatedly and exclusively. She killed at least three people in the film. She tries to avoid fights when possible, but many superheros do. She fights and wins when necessary.

The only thing holding Katniss back from being a superhero is she lacks powers and doesn't have a costume. Character-wise, it fits. James Bond and John McClane aren't superheros either, but there isn't a lot separating them from the likes of Batman and Wolverine.
And that speaks to what Dr. Cosmic was trying to imply about good heroes (read: "male") being take-charge kind of guys: "All action heroes initiate and win fights on their own." Except for the fact that Bond, like a huge number of male heroes, is only following orders, *not* "initiating fights"; and McClane, like a huge number of male heroes, is merely reacting to unwanted and dangerous situations he is continuously forced into, *not* "initiating fights."

And in some ways, Katniss *does* have more initiative than James Bond or John McClane or any other number of male heroes or superheroes, in that she *does* take charge of the situations she is placed in. *She* steps up to take her sister's place in tribute; *she* works hard to become the most formidable competitor in training; *she* takes charge of her own image during the pre-Game interviews; *she* rallies the people to her cause; *she* takes charge on the battlefield.

Really, I'm thinking that Dr. Cosmic saw a different movie. None of his complaints about THG are adding up.


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