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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
Superman vs Faora/Non >>>>>>>>> Superman vs Zod

Here's how I would rank the action sequences

1. Superman vs Faora/Non
2. Oil Rig
3. Krypton sequence
4. Superman vs Zod
5. Military vs Word Destroyer
6. Superman vs Giant Arm in Indian Ocean
7. Tornado

The last 2 were very lame and only the first 2 were brilliant.
You don't need to beat people up for it to be an action scene. The FBI chasing Lois Lane was very well done, and very convenient to the plot. As was Clark's smashing the sentinel that was going to kill Lois, and then tending to her. Those two are action scenes... they're short, but they raise the heart rate, they're pertinent, and they're fun to watch. I rate them both ahead of Superman vs Zod and the Krypton sequence.

The Krypton sequence is a terrible action sequence, because it's completely nonsensical. I'd rate them as:

1. Superman vs Faora/Non
2. FBI Chasing Lois
3. Clark saves Lois from the Sentinel
4. Oil Rig
5. Military vs Word Destroyer
6. Superman vs Giant Arm in Indian Ocean
7. Jor-El rescues Lois and Clark from Zod's ship
8. Superman vs Zod
9. Krypton sequence
10. Tornado

ETA: There's also the escape from Zod's ship (added in), which is also a terrible action sequence because Jor-El is the one to save Lois and Clark. It furthers Goyer's idiotic agenda of making Jor-El the greatest hero and character of the story.

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