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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
I'm sure that pretty much screams "reaction shots" and "acknowledgement of the death and destruction" etc. Man of Steel's the cause and Superman/Batman's the effect. All they need to do know is cast their Lex Luthor who'll be pretty much a compelling villain who'll use all that destruction against Supes. With comics, you don't delve into everything in the zero issue.
I get where Goyer is coming from, but wouldn't the #0 issue in Man of Steel's case be a story about the origins of the codex and the foundation of the Kryptonian society (or something similar)? Zero issue is a prequel that provides further background on an existing, established story.

Clark becoming Superman is the DCU's main storyline, because he's the first superhero and him publicly donning the red and blue inspires others to follow suit (pun intended). So technically speaking, Man of Steel is DCU Year Zero.

Back to the death and destruction: If it's compelling enough to be the conceit for Lex's villainy and the starting source of distrust for Batman, all the more it should be posed in relation to these relationships from the beginning. The death and destruction caused is already part of the DCU Superman mythology as it informs Clark's stance on killing.

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