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Default Re: Established Catwoman in this movie ?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Yup, you pretty much are.
Heh. I'm sure I'm not convincing you. But Vicky Vale to me is a Lois Lane knock off. Silver St. Cloud was better, but still dull around Bruce Wayne. Jezebel Jet, as another poster said, would have been better as a Bond girl.

Not to go in a circle, but it is as you say. He really is not the "settling down" kind. He is not necessarily a romantic character in the way Peter Parker or Clark Kent can be. He is so driven into his work and so obsessive, that he can only be pulled out of that when it overlaps in his work. And the two best examples of that are Selina Kyle and Talia. Other than in TAS, I have preferred Selina because Talia is written as far too weak and dependent on her father with a "damsel" vibe for my liking.

Bruce does best in terms of romance when he has a taste of "Kiss Me Deadly" (great title, terrible book). Selina, Talia, even Andrea Boumant are all different takes on this side of his personality. The "normal" ones never stick. It's the reason why fans always whine about Vicky Vale, Rachel Dawes or what have you. And when posters say they want Julie Madison so they can have some "arm candy" it shows why they are really there. And frankly, I find that boring.

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