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Default Re: Theory: A3 will not be an Avengers movie but a crossover with GotG and Inhumans

No offense Mr. Dent, but I think this "plan", or rather strategy, was sort of obvious the second we knew GotG and InHumans would be developed. Kind of the logical approach I'd say, and am not surprised in the least if it happens. Once Thanos was revealed, the stakes went up and we should expect to see the same of characters involved. Hell, just the mention of TA in IM1 should have led us to expect big things down the road. Now, do these characters all have to appear at the same time? Of course not, but we shouldn't be surprised to see them mixed up at some point. They aren't going bigger than I thought, as you said, but instead are going in exactly the direction I expect them to.

It is a very exciting prospect as a fan of heroes.

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