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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by PacificBoy View Post
"If I was a normal street walker in his universe"

After all that went down in the movie, would Snyder's Superman, in terms of public acceptance, be the anti-Donner (at least initially in the public eye)? Not universally loved at first sight. Feared even.

Other than the handful who were saved by Superman himself or witness Superman (or the ghost) performing acts of heroism, wouldn't the rest of the world regard him in a suspicious light?
Worse than suspicious. Not only would you have people blaming him as equally responsible for the destruction his battle with Zod caused (wether or not you as a viewer think he shares any responsibility doesn't change the fact that that's how a lot of people would react), but there's the fact that Zod flat out told the entire world that the only reason the Kryptonians came to Earth was because Superman was there. A huge swath of the population are going to place all the blame squarely on him. Over time, it might subside if he never does anything controversial and just saves people from disasters (and does that a lot), but within six months of the invasion there's going to be a huge amount of public outcry demanding his head.

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