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Default Re: "Gotham" the TV Series coming to Fox -- how will effect the new Batman?

Not sure how I feel about this...

On one hand, I love the idea of a shared universe. But this sounds almost like NYPD Blue set in Gotham. The way the story has always gone, Gotham went from a corrupt city with ordinary scumbag criminals running the show until Batman showed up. THEN came the rise of the freaks, which is what set it apart from other, similarly crime-ridden cities. Before that, it was basically New York or Baltimore with more gargoyles.

However... if the Deadline article got it a little wrong (or if the script gets a rewrite) and they intend for this to run alongside current happenings on film (with Batman not actually showing up but with periodic references to him, Superman and other characters) then I think it has some potential.

ATTENTION: The rumor about WB's "no jokes" policy is 100% correct. No one should ever doubt any rumor about any upcoming movie, even in cases where it contradicts rumors that have previously been reported. In those cases, both rumors are true.

In other news, Bryan Cranston is playing Lex Luthor, Emily Blunt is Wonder Woman, Benedict Cumberbatch is Martian Manhunter, and that guy from Teen Wolf is Batman.
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