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Default Re: "Gotham" the TV Series coming to Fox -- how will effect the new Batman?

Originally Posted by Masone View Post
When I think of a serialized crime/drama, I think of Justified. There aren't a lot of those.

There are a lot of those procedurals, like NCIS, CSI, Elementary, Bones and the like. I hope it stays far away from shows like that.

If it's a crime/drama like Breaking Bad/Justified, sign me up as well. But it's not looking good since it's on network television. When's the last time network television had a truly great TV show, particularly one in the hero/fantasy genre, season 1 of Heroes?
You of course have the right to that opinion that a crime drama is basically what the show Justified is(I've never seen the show to be honest), but realistically, shows like NCIS, CSI and to an extent Bones are crime dramas as well. So is Law and Order to be honest. Add all of those up and yes, there are numerous crime dramas on TV.

The studio/network for this Gotham show is crossing their fingers this show will last just riding on the fact that it's called/based in Gotham. As a few others have said, Gordon isn't going to keep this show a float. People that make up the general audience, unlike us comic fans who like stuff like Gotham Central(which had Batman's freak villains, which is what kept me reading), want Batman. I don't think this show is going to last very long unless the writing and events that go on are outstanding.

I was shocked at how many people I know, family, friends and coworkers that really liked Smallville. That show is one of the biggest copouts in regards to a comic/superhero adaptation. He was truly only Superman in the final episode for the most part. My wife watched the first 3 seasons but never got around to finishing it. She tried to get me to watch it and I could barely make it past the first couple of episodes due to godawful writing and subpar acting. Maybe I'm wrong and people will really like Gotham without it having Batman in it, if they liked a show that was pretty much all about Clark Kent and little to no Superman, anything is possible.

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