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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Thinking of doing an edit of TDKR. It's a lot to sift through, but I wrote out a quick pitch of a streamlined story:

Start proper at Wayne Manor. The Mayor and Commissioner Gordon are giving speeches about the success of the Dent act in their war against crime. Bruce Wayne watches from a roof top, as Catwoman steals something below (they don't meet).
Wayne tracks miss Kyle to enquire as to what she wants with his fingerprints. Bane is seen for the first time, staging an assault on the stock exchange, and Batman intervenes. Escaping the police, Batman returns to the cave, where Alfred is struggling with Bruce and his suicidal quest as Batman.
[I would shift a lot of scenes around, pushing Bane's mass bombing as far forward as possible. Establish his presence faster, but make his uprising far more gradual. With smart scene ordering, I think it might be possible to give the impression of a greater fall of the order of Gotham]
As officers begin to home in on Bane, a young detective named John Blake discovers a plot to trap a great number of the police in the sewer systems. His warning comes too late, and Bane launches his attack, destroying Gotham stadium, killing the mayor, and decimating the police force. He unveils a nuclear weapon and and pleads with Gotham to free itself of the greed and corruption.
As the bombs trigger, Gordon is captured in a skirmish with Bane's thugs. He manages to escape but is badly wounded. Recovering in hospital Gordon promotes Blake, who then visits Wayne manor revealing that he knows Bruce's secret identity (frail-beardman-Bruce cut). They discuss why Bruce decided to be Batman.
As Bruce plans to confront Bane, Alfred desperately tries to stop him, eventually leaving him in an attempt to save Bruce from himself. The money-having in Gotham begin to lose their power and influence, as Bruce is swindled out of his money by Bane, and corrupt business-man John Daggart is found murdered (by Bane of course).
Batman asks Catwoman's assistance in finding Bane but is betrayed by her and broken. Bane has uncovered the Wayne armoury and plans to use the equipment for his own devices. Bruce again wakes up at Bane's mercy and is told to watch Gotham burn. As he recuperates, we continue to watch Gotham fall.
Catwoman attempts to flee Gotham after witnessing the fall of Batman, but is arrested by Blake and what is left of the police force. Not long after she is incarcerated into Black gate prison, however Bane resurfaces and destroys the legacy of Harvey Dent and Gordon, forcing Black Gate prisoners to be freed. Blake rushes to the hospital to intercept as Bane's thugs target Gordon. His faith in the police is shaken when he argues with Gordon about the lies of the Dent act, and visiting the orphanage where he grew up, speaks to a boy about the potential return of Batman.
Order continues to fall into chaos as the rich begin to be thrown out of their houses, and a bogus court is set up and overseen by Scarecrow. The outside world fails to restore stability in the city, blocked at the city limits.[This will pretty much play out as it does in the film currently. Bat's builds his strength while Gotham continues to fall. Minor cuts for continuity-Tate, exposition about the bomb (it's just a bomb] In the pit, Bruce learns that Bane is the son of Ras Al Ghul.
Gordon is among many officers captured and sentenced to death by Scarecrow, however he is saved by a returning Batman. Bruce appears amongst Bane's prisoners and speaks to Lucius about removing Bane's nuclear threat. He discovers that it will detonate by itself in mere hours. They plan to block the signal to the detonator while an attempt is made to destroy the trigger. Once Bane is stopped, they can work to disable the bomb.
A “captured” Bruce is freed by Catwoman, who is revealed to be in league with him again. Batman aids Blake in a rescue attempt of some of the trapped officers, and the heroes launch their attack on Bane's forces. Catwoman considers fleeing Gotham to save herself, and Blake embarks on a mission to evacuate as many as possible. Batman defeats Bane, gives him a one-liner and heads straight after the bomb.
The unnamed bomb driver and entourage is stopped by Batman and Catwoman. The bomb is in tact however there is no time to disarm it. Batman decides to fly it to a safe distance, sacrificing himself and saving the city. Sad farewells, he flies, goes boom.
[The film would pretty much close as normal from then on]
Not sure if what I've just cobbled would hang together perfectly, but there seems to be enough of a through line that it would work alright. I think this has some potential. There's a lot of scenes in the film that could sit quite nicely in the middle and pad out Bane's occupation, which in turn could really make the idea feel more fleshed out and gradual.
I'd like to cut the bomb completely, but I can't think of a way to end the film without it. As it stands, I'll be happy to remove all of the plot behind it. It's a bomb, that's all.

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