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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Scott having a larger role in Singer's X3 is a no brainer, although Dougherty's pitches may not have come to fruition.

Exactly this. The validity of the OT has to come into question. It's a necessity of the story.

Honestly, this isn't a retcon and if Wolverine succeeds, then it's not a time loop either. The OT had to happen in one timeline in order for events to change but that also changes the present timeline.

For instance, we know that Stryker is involved but if he's killed or his mind is opened, than it's likely that Deadpool will still be able to talk and Jean will have never died.

Also, if Wolverine convinces Magneto to work with Xavier, then X1 and X3 never happened either... at least not how we remember them.

But things did have to turn out the way they did in order for Wolverine to be sent back in time in the first place so it's obvious that the older films are still in continuity. It's not ignoring the previous films, it's them setting up the current timeline.

Also, who needs Stryker when you can have Cameron Hodge and Donald Pierce as the human big bads? Who needs Magneto to be a villain rather than anti-hero when you can have Sinister, Selene, Emplate, Stryfe, Omega Red, Daken, Proteus, X-Cutioner, Bianca LaNeige, and Apocalypse to show why human fear mutants in the first place? And who knows if DOFP will set up Bastion or what happens to Sabertooth in this altered timeline?

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