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Default Re: "...a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent": Does this not worry anyone els

Originally Posted by InnerWarrior View Post
I can see the "seasoned Batman" thing working pretty well after thinking about the story potentials. Who wants to see "young Batman" after we've already had Batman Begins and The Dark Knight?
Batman in BB/TDK was a watered down version of the young Batman. He was essentially a "Batman" on his way to fully becoming Batman. But he wasn't a fully formed Batman yet due to the skills and mentality he lacked. A young Batman would be a fully formed Batman, but just at the start of his career (meaning he will already start out as a genius, as one of the world's best detectives, etc.). Having a Batman that is a detective and that makes his own tech and that is in the more critical/cynical mindset Batman has would already greatly set him apart from Nolan's Batman. Really the only thing they would have in common is that they're both young and wearing a batsuit.

Also with an older Batman we won't have to reintroduce many of the key elements and maybe have more of that Batman the Animated Series/Arkham Series feel to the series.
Irrelevant point. You can introduce a Batman 2 or 3 years into his career without redoing the origin or establishing any of the villains again. You don't have to age him as much as Snyder/WB seems to want to age him to have that B:TAS/Arkham feel.

Not to mention the fact that a "seasoned Batman" will have more issues with an alien masquerading as a hero since he'd only ever truly trust allies like Alfred, Nightwing, and Robin (along with a few other soldiers of the Bat) after his trust had been shattered time and again with people like Harvey Dent, Catwoman, etc.
Based on previous DCU continuities, an older Batman would have less trust issues. Often as his career progressed, he became more and more open to the idea of working with other people (first worked alone, then established a relationship with Gordon, then got Robin, then grew the Bat Family, then joined the JL, then created the Outsiders, then created Batman Inc, etc.).

With Bruce being older we can see how the crime and filth of Gotham has spread a dark cloud over the once shining sun of hope Bruce intended to bring to the city when he first put on the cape and cowl of justice. Superman's characterization doesn't have to put him beneath Batman, but rather Batman would try to impose a mistrust into Superman through his "wisdom" that Superman just can't allow in his soul because he is that beacon of hope Bruce once intended to be.
This would be a valid point if this was Nolan's Batman. However, Batman was never mainly concerned with inspiring hope to people outside the Nolanverse. Sure that that does play a small role, but nowhere to the extent of Nolan's Batman. Batman has almost always been vastly about becoming a symbol of fear and terrorizing the hearts of criminals. Usually Batman has too cynical of a view on humanity to make inspiring hope into people his main goal (note that I said main goal). Not that the hope-symbolism is a bad idea and it was fine in the Nolan films, but we should have a new take on Batman and especially on a Batman coming out so soon after Nolan's.

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