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Default Re: "Gotham" the TV Series coming to Fox -- how will effect the new Batman?

Arrow is a pretty good show. First few episodes are meh, but the second half of season 1 was really well done. It continued to exceed my expectations many times on many things during the second half (though then again, I have low expectations going in).

If anyone gave it a try and didn't like the first few episodes, I recommend they give it another try if they can bear up with the first few episodes (up until around episode 10, though there are 2 really good episodes before the mid-season finale (episodes 4 & 5)). Stephen Amell really improves as the show goes on and Tommy arguably has the best development - he goes from being an incredibly annoying guy that just wastes his screen time to being one of the characters that changes the most and that you care the most about.

Arrow is a good show that has the potential to be a great show if they changed up a few certain things. I also think it's decent enough to not be on the CW and I would also say it's already miles ahead Smallville.

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