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Default Re: Rumor: Nolan-verse Gotham Police-based Series in the Works?

I'd be interested if this is based on the Nolan-Batverse. And only if we have the familiar faces of Oldman, Ron Dean (Wuertz), Monique Curnan (Rameriez), Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent (during his stint at IA), Colin McFarlane (Loeb) and Mark Boone (Flass).

I could see it being set in the 7 year disappearance of Bruce Wayne, with the Falcone Crime Family being a major set piece, and exploring the spread of corruption that created the Gotham which needed Batman.

Additionally, you could toss in some League of Shadows action, as we get the full story on their attempt to take down Gotham.


If they went the route of "Smallville" and tried to give us a pocket universe with teen Bruce Wayne discovering his talents ala Clark Kent in "Smallville", I would not be interested.

"Smallville" worked, because the setting was plausible, and the story made sense, at least for a while. Doing a similar thing with Batman, just doesn't work and would be just more Batman tossed into a overfull swiming pool full of Batman.

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