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Default Re: "Gotham" the TV Series coming to Fox -- how will effect the new Batman?

Thomas? Maybe but I doubt it. Im thinking it will be much later.

As for Arrow, I might give it one more chance. But ill have to start over. It's been a while. I usually give a series 5 episodes or so. If it doesn't interest me or if I find the acting is atrocious throughout ill ditch it. I wont wait til episode 10 or whatever. If im not intrigued after a good handful of episodes, I wont be bothered.

Even so, the pilot is what I usually go by. Arrow's pilot seemed so generic with bad acting by the lead. It was trying too hard to be like Batman Begins THE CW VERSION! I couldn't really take it.

"Guys, what would be your reaction if Alfred was Batgirl in this movie? You go watch the movie, everything cool, halfway through, Alfred becomes Batgirl."
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